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My Services


An approach that is both pragmatic and caring.  Dr Evers provides:

  • Counselling

  • Psychotherapy

  • Assessment

  • Psycholegal reports


A listening and attentive approach to help parties find a solution that allows them to move past conflict.Mediation can be undertaken in office, onsite or remotely (telephone or other platform).  Participant safety, confidentiality and comfort is a priority and mediation can be arranged to suit all circumstances, including where an intervention order is in place.


  • Workplace mediation

  • Neighbourhood mediation

  • Family Dispute Resolution including Child Matters and Property Matters. Certificates (601) when appropriate.


Kaylene is a celebrant who can hear your story and turn it into a deeply meaningful ceremony, eliciting emotions along the way: Joy, Love, Wonder, Surprise, Fun. Laughter, Poignant Memories, celebrating life, death and all the important events in between.

In addition, Kaylene takes all the stress out of these events by supporting, guiding and assisting you as much as you want.


Marry – with Joy

Celebrate – with Joy

Honour a life _ with Joy


Kaylene will stand by your side.

“I just love people and I love helping them participate in, enjoy and share their lives joyfully and meaningfully.”

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