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Psychologist, Mediator, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Justice of the Peace, Celebrant

Through her extensive experience, training and qualification, Kaylene can help you through all life's highs and lows. A truly "Whole of life" approach, hallmarked by empathy, professionalism, compassion, care and JOY.

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Kaylene Evers

As a Psychologist, Dr Kaylene J. Evers has decades of experience working with individuals, children, adults and couples. She has a special interest in trauma especially sexual assault and homicide but is equally experienced in working closely with a team of providers in cases of Workcover, TAC, Victims of Crime and DVA.

Her assessments and reports are regularly sought within all levels of courts in a variety of matters.

Kaylene utilises Hypnotherapy in appropriate cases, this modality is one of the many in her repertoire of therapeutic approaches in treating each individual as one whole person

As a Mediator, she takes this extensive professional and life experience and applies it in her role as a Mediator and FDRP.

As a Celebrant, this great understanding of the human condition, enables her to find the joy in life and hence, hear your story to create amazing, life event celebrations and ceremonies. These will remain as joy-filled memories for your life time.

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